Want to earn some money? This is how you do it...

Here i will expain to you the  basics step-by-step on my expirience, how to mine crypt coins like FTC, DOGE, LTC and finaly how to convert them to BTC and get you money to your personal account..

Step 1.

1st. of all, you need appropriate hardware. My suggestion is to use:

-Motherboard: Asrock H61 pro BTC (up to 6 graphic cards)

-Processor: Intel Celeron G1610

Disk: Anyone is good (use old one like 80GB SATA)

Ram: 2GB DDR3 is enough

Power supply: for 4x Radeon R9 280x you need 2x 750W with DUAL PSU adapter so both PS can turn on in the same time, for 1x graphic card like Radeon HD 7990 its enough 1x PSU 600W, that gives you like 1.3KH-1.5KH/sec depending of your model and  script you use.

Graphic cards:  Radeon R9-270x (you'll get max. 470KH/sec, Radeon R9-280x max. 750KH/sec, HD 7990 max. 1500KH/sec.

Riser cables can be find on www.ebay.com

Mining rack: You can buy it in any techical store like BAUHAUS, cosst from 15€-25€ for 12 cards. It's best if you want to have low temperature on your graphic cards.

Step 2.

Install OS, i prefer Windows 8, but if you want to save some money on licenses use Linux, turn off automatic updates and don't use log in passwords

Step 3.

Download and install cgminer 7.2. You can get it for Linux on address: http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/cgminer/3.7/

For Windows: https://doge.mining4all.eu/index.php?page=gettingstarted and install it on C:\Miner

Step 4.

Create your user account on mining pool like:


Step 5.

Create your Workers on https://www.wemineltc.com/

Enter your worker name, password

Step 6.

Create notepad file in C:\Miner\ , rename it to miner.bat and copy it to startup menu, so if power go down it automaticly restarts.

Step 7.

Edit your miner.bat like:

C:\Miner\cgminer.exe --scrypt  \stratum+tcp://hot.wemineltc.com:3333 u x p x from here on enter scrypt for you graphic card (you can find it on: https://litecoin.info/Mining_hardware_comparison)

Step 8.

Create account on trading market www.btc-e.com. On menu Finances click on deposit button of crypt you will mine and copy generated address to your account on pool you are mining, from than on you can set automatic widrowal from pool to BTCe.

Step 9.   (Only for BTC trade)

Create trading account on www.bitstamp.net (Here you need to enter your personal account information, proff of your home address, and copy of your ID document).

Step 10.

Download, install and finaly dont forget to encypt your wallet, this is only if you want to have BTCs on your computer.

This is it. If you any more questions please use Contact form and i will answer you as quiclky i can.


Good luck in mining.


Best regards miners!




Please dont forget to donate, only this way i can keep my webpage allive and updated. TX.

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